‘I Only Made N195M In My Criminal Career’ – Hushpuppi Claims

‘I Only Made N195M In My Criminal Career’ – Hushpuppi Claims

Popular fraudster, Ramon Abbass a.k.a Hushpuppi, opens up about his fraudulent career which he claimed to have only made $300,000 from…‘Read full article’

The cyber criminal who has been in U.S prison since June 2020 following his extradition in Dubai awaits his final sentencing…‘Read full article’

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Ahead of scheduled sentencing on Monday, Hushpuppi penned a handwritten apology to the preceding judge, Otis Wright, where he thanked the FBI for doing a great job to make the world safer from criminals like himself.

In the note acquired by the People’s Gazzette, Abbas hinted at how he became rich from hawking sneakers, and clothes from his car boot.

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He further added that masterminding cyber crimes only made him as much as $300,000 while pleading for a reduced sentence up to 65%.

Read the full handwritten note below…

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