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“I just learned I have a daughter somewhere” – Freddie Leonard expresses shock

Nollywood star Fredrick Leonard aka Freddie has been accused of fathering a child during an online altercation with a fraud victim.

In a series of screenshots shared on Freddie’s Instagram page, The actor who has never being married, berated a netizen who alleged he used his daughter to scam a lady on social media.

Apparently, someone impersonating the actor, has been chatting with the supposed lady via instagram.

After she got scammed, The Netizen decided to DM the movie star via his verified Instagram page to attack him………Continue Reading


He wrote;

Tomorrow he will say the girl he is scamming is lying. I want to put it out there, if this acting can’t fund your lifestyle please stop it. The day you decide to set foot into Us. You get picked up. You are evil!!! You are still threatening the girl.

The bad name folks like you give us makes it difficult to succeed outside Nigeria. You are even using your daughter to scam. The girl has reported you to the cops. They are waiting for you to make a move. God help you and your cohorts! You even stupidly admitted to selling the card you requested for. We are arranging for you to also face the law in Nigeria. You are not the first to try this. Trust is expensive now thanks you you!”

Fed up with the constant draggings and complaints , Freddie expressed shock at allegations of fathering a daughter and claimed he has had enough of his name and reputation being entangled in fraud.

He added by warning his fans to stay off from unverified pages without the blue tick.

“I Just Learned I have A Daughter somewhere A very Interesting Slide. T’LL WAIT. To My True Fans. Beware of UNVERIFIED PAGES without the Blue Tick!

If “The Frederick Leonard” Truly Likes You & You Like him too, Make SureU chat on a Verified Page, for Times Like This. Thank Youu? I’m clearly The Most Impersonated Acto In Africa. #Facts 700


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