'I Honestly Wonder How Many Hours President Tinubu Sleeps, He Works Even At Night' -Dave Umahi

Dave Umahi, Nigeria’s Minister of Works, has lauded President Tinubu’s strong work ethic, noting that the President works late into the night. Umahi also mentioned that he has commenced road inspections across the country, a directive he received from President Tinubu during a meeting on Monday.

In an interview in a video (33:50) on Channels television this morning, Dave Umahi shared his perspective, “The President’s commitment to working late into the night is truly impressive. I often wonder about the hours he dedicates to work and, honestly, I can’t even challenge him on that matter (laughs). Shortly after the Inauguration, during our first conversation, he instructed me to be actively present on the road. On that note, I have already embarked on visits to various roads across the country. Today, I’m heading to Kaduna/Kano road, and by next Tuesday, I’ll be touring the roads in the South West to gather firsthand information.”

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“Earlier this week, I departed Abuja at 2 pm for a road inspection encompassing the Abuja, Lokoja, and Benin routes. This experience has reinforced the importance of my presence on the road. I observed several aspects that warrant attention and, I must admit, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with some of the contractors’ performance.”

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