I Don’t Like Your Song, Your Lyrics Are Terrible – Daniel Regha Reacts to Nasboi’s Dance Request

Social media critic, Daniel Regha has revealed why he will not do a dance video for comedian and skitmaker, Nasboi’s new song, ‘Umbrella’.
He had shunned the comedian’s request to dance to his song.
The Twitter influencer had infuriated Nasboi by giving him advice on his voice performance live.
In an attempt to mend fences, Nasboi asked Daniel Regha to participate in the viral challenge that has seen participation from celebs like Sabinus and Don Jazzy.
Daniel Regha, on the other hand, declined, calling the song’s lyrics awful and requesting that he contact him via direct message the next time.
He wrote: “Hello @iamnasboi, I appreciate the thought but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the song due to the terrible lyrics, plus u should’ve reached out to me via DM. Asking publicly won’t get me to say Yes. Looking forward to ur next projects tho, hopefully, u drop ur first hit song this year. No offense.”

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