“I Dare Gistlover To Post The Evidence Of What They Have”-Angela Okorie Says

In a recent development following Angela Okorie’s previous statement, the Nollywood actress has called out the mysterious blogger known as Gistlover. Defending her character once again, Okorie dares Gistlover to provide evidence to substantiate their claims, highlighting that it is those with something to hide who fear such accusations.

Addressing the blogger directly, Okorie refers to them as “destiny killers” and emphasizes the need for transparency. As the actress remains steadfast in her denial of any involvement in marital controversies, she challenges Gistlover to reveal the alleged proof of their accusations.

This new twist in the ongoing saga sheds light on the battle between celebrities and online gossip platforms. Okorie’s staunch defense of her reputation showcases her determination to confront baseless rumors and defend her name against any unfounded claims.

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As the public eagerly awaits Gistlover’s response, the mystery deepens, and the truth behind these allegations remains elusive. In the face of such challenges, Angela Okorie’s bold stance serves as a reminder to not believe everything we read and to seek the facts before passing judgment.

Check out the screenshot of her post below.

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