My Husband Thought I Was Dead So He Killed Himself After Stabbing Me In My Face; Woman Says |
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My Husband Thought I Was Dead So He Killed Himself After Stabbing Me In My Face; Woman Says

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During a campaign against domestic violence, a woman named Diana shared her story of how she was victimized by her spouse. She claims that the beatings she received from her husband nearly killed her. She describes an episode in which her husband beat her, stabbed her multiple times, and then killed himself after believing she was dead.

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She admitted that she had only known the man for a few months before he introduced himself as a good man to her. Then he revealed that he was also a businessman, which made her fall in love with him. She even took up residence with him. His behavior, however, quickly changed.

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Diana tells how her ex- husband began abusing her physically. He allegedly changed and became abusive after she gave birth to their first child, she claimed. He returns home and begins abusing her for no apparent reason or error. He didn’ t become a monster towards her until the day he returned and stabbed her.

My husband came home intoxicated one night and woke me up in our bedroom. He was continuously slashing my face with a knife while holding my face in his grasp. He mistook me for dead. He was later discovered dead in the street, having committed suicide in order to avoid being arrested. If you’ re in a marriage where you’ re being abused, you should leave immediately.

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She advised men who beat their spouses to repent or face the same fate as her late husband. Meanwhile, she warned ladies to stay away from any toxic males because things might not turn out nicely.

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