How Much Did APC Spend On The Ekiti Gubernatorial Elections ? |
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How Much Did APC Spend On The Ekiti Gubernatorial Elections ?

The Ekiti state Gubernatorial elections has just been concluded and the rumors going around added with videos on the internet show that each voter that voted for the APC got paid #10000 (ten thousand naira each), this clearly shows that the ruling party definitely isn’t playing by the rules but that isn’t what scares, what scares me is how much there are willing to pay just to win one state alone.

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According to the records, APC won by over 187,000 votes … This means if each voter was paid 10k each;
10,000 x 187000 = 1,870,000,000.
That is a whooping over 1.8 billion naira.
Let us all approximate that money to 2 billion naira.
We all know that whenever vote buying money gets shared from the “ogas at the top”, it usually gets reduced by whoever it gets handed over to until it reaches the eventual voters, so the original amount released from the sponsors will be approximately close to 4-5 billion naira.
Someone should please remind me of how much ASUU is requesting before they call of their strike again?

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A Government that can spend 4-5 billion naira to win an election but can’t give basic amenities.

Don’t forget that Nigeria is seriously in debt, so if these figures don’t scare you I wonder what will ?.


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