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How Many Minutes Does Good Sex Last? Read More, Know More

How Many Minutes Does Good Sex Last? Read More, Know More

According to scientists, sex does not last longer on average. This surprisingly modest result was obtained from the Hamburg Institute of Male Health. But what would women say about this? There is a lot of talk about this topic, and a lot of research has been done……..Continue Reading

While the average is probably 5 minutes, some men can’t stand it. This can be demotivating, but it shouldn’t worry you. However, there are also many men who endure. But this does not mean that every woman likes it.

Is long sex really better? All stories are different, but the question remains whether good sex is related to the duration..It makes sense that it’s nice to want to last longer. In sex, not only orgasm is beautiful, but foreplay and the act itself, and according to this logic, we would not want to end. But the reality is different. Maybe in movies and books making love looks wonderful, romantic and endlessly long, but it’s just a fantasy.

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According to a study conducted at Behrend College in Pennsylvania, women need just 13 minutes of sex. Well, feel free not to worry about it.

Duration is just one aspect of sex, and the question of how long it lasts just creates unnecessary pressure. More important are the questions you want in sex, what excites you, what bothers you and the like. When you know these answers, everything else will be fine. There is no rule on how long sex should last. You can enjoy fast sex, and you can enjoy long lovemaking. And if you are with the right person, just 5 minutes will seem endless.

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