How I’ll end Nigeria’s security issue as President – Mohammed Hayatudeen |
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How I’ll end Nigeria’s security issue as President – Mohammed Hayatudeen

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, a PDP presidential aspirant, said his plan is to declare National Security Emergency on inauguration day and revamp the economy if elected president in 2023.

Hayatu-Deen, a former Managing Director of the now-defunct FSB International Bank, made the pledge when he led his to woo Lagos PDP national delegates on Thursday in Ikeja.

The last issue I would like to raise with you is national security. The issue of security has been a major problem in this country for almost 20 or 25 years it became very deep and very severe. I would like to say to you like I said in the beginning there is no amount of guns and bullets that can deal with this issue you do two or three very important things.

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You need to give Nigeria back to the people. What do I mean? What I mean is Nigeria is very divided and we need to unify our people. There should be no room for nepotism of any kind in this country. There should be no room for tribalism or regionalism.

Every Nigerian is a son and daughter of God almighty. Every Nigerian has equal rights to every other Nigerian. You do not want a president who is held up in aso rock like a lion in a den you want a president who is actually coming out, walking with the people, with the people and mingling with them.

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“I will deal with National security issues firmly and decisively. I take this job very seriously and I am going to declare a National Security Emergency on May 29, 2023, if am elected president.

“I will make sure I pick the best hands from every nook and cranny of this country to run this nation successfully.

“My intention is to completely revamp this society and put it on the map,” the aspirant said.

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The event was attended by Lagos PDP state and local government executives, national delegates and other chieftains of the party.

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