How I Found Out That My Boyfriend Have Been Sleeping With My Childhood friend – Lady Cries out

How I Found Out That My Boyfriend Have Been Sleeping With My Childhood friend – Lady Cries out

Juliana Bempa, a 43 years old woman who is a resident of Mpasatea in Kumasi recounted on how she discovered that her boyfriend has been sleeping with her childhood friend after he break up with her. According to the woman she came across her boyfriend known as Sule on her mother’s cocoa farm 6 years ago, he proposed to her at the moment and made a promise to give her part of his 4 acres cocoa farm if she give birth for him.

Juliana revealed that she had a divorce 4 years later before meeting Sule also she dated three different men but none of them was willing to marry her. She has been searching for a husband all this while and was very happy when the man asked her hand in marriage. She accepted to marry him without wasting time. Sule too was a single man who has never been married before or given birth at age 53…….Continue Reading

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The two of them went to stay together and worked on his cocoa farm, she conceived for her man three months after they dated. Sule was overwhelmed about the child they were expecting, but his behaviour changed towards her in her ninth month, he used to insult her all the but she kept calm because she loved him and has hoped to get the property the man promised her.

They started having problems after she gave birth and the baby died. Juliana added that she tried to get pregnant again but their efforts weren’t successful, the man got fed up with her and decided to search for a younger woman who can produce for him. One day she came back home to find the house empty. Sule has packed out his belongings and left her house, she pleaded with him not to break up with her but he left her without coming back to her.

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Months later she found out that her boyfriend is sleeping with her childhood friend who always assist them with their farm work. She was surprised about this discovery and never expected her friend to betray her in that way. It was at that time when the man confessed to her that he has been sleeping with the friend ever since they lost their child. Juliana said due to what her boyfriend did he wants him to give her Ghc50,000 as compensation for sleeping with her best friend.

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