How Husband Caught With Side Chick Announced Wife’s Death – Brother

How Husband Caught With Side Chick Announced Wife’s Death – Brother

Chibuzor Opara, one of the elder brothers of the late Claret Opara-Bassey, a Calabar-based lawyer who reportedly died in a crash while chasing her husband and his alleged lover aka ‘side chick’ on September 18, said his sister’s husband Sunday Bassey told her he was travelling only to be caught with another woman in town.

Opara told PUNCH that his sister and her husband were married for over 15 years and that they began dating in their days at a university.


He blamed his sister’s death on the person who called to inform her her husband was with another woman……..Continue Reading

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“I don’t know whether it is a case but it was that person that caused all this. Somebody must have seen him and called her (Claret), having told the wife that he was travelling, and then due to the other factor that I don’t want to talk about,” he said.

Opara said he could not disclose the “real reason” his sister went after her husband.

“The real reason why she went out to catch them (her husband and the alleged ‘side chick’) is something I may not be able to disclose at the moment but what has happened has happened. Let men learn to respect their marriages,” he said.

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Opara noted that his sister did not confide in him about the challenges she was having in the marriage because of “her knowledge of my previous temperament.”

He said Mr Bassey only told his wife’s family that she was involved in an accident. Opara added that they got to find out on social media that she was chasing him and his alleged ‘side chick’ when the accident occurred.

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