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Health benefits of waterleaf you should know

Health benefits of waterleaf you should know

Waterleaf is one of the most medicinal and nutritious vegetables in Nigeria. It is usually underestimated and undervalued because it is seen as a wild plant that grows everywhere all year round.

It is called ‘Gbure’ by the Yoruba people and is also called ‘Mgbolodi’ in Igbo and ‘Ebe London’ in Edo. It contains water, vitamins, lipids and fibre which are greatly beneficial to the body.

Waterleaf can be taken in various ways. It can be taken as a vegetable, dried herbs and also as juice.

This article will be discussing the dietary and medicinal benefits of this vegetable below.

1. It aids weight loss

Due to its high value of fibre, it makes the stomach filled which eliminates cravings that could lead to unhealthy weight gain. It should be added to your daily meal plans if you have plans to shred more body fat.

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2. It aids proper digestion

Amongst vegetables that aid proper digestion of food, waterleaf is one of the most important vegetables that performs this function accurately. It is perfect for the body especially when consumed with its stem. It reduces constipation and helps to soften the stool when consumed.

People who have difficulties passing out stool should take this either as a vegetable soup or as a juice.

3. It prevents cardiovascular disease

To maintain your cardiovascular system, you need to take waterleaf regularly. It keeps your heart healthy by supplying the oxygen and blood your heart needs. Waterleaf helps to prevent heart disease or strokes that could tamper with your health by reducing the level of cholesterol in your blood.

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4. It helps to regulate hypertension

Waterleaf contains antioxidants and fibres that regulate blood sugar levels in the body. This helps to manage diabetes. It also helps to convert starchy foods during digestion to simple sugar which are not harmful to the body.

5. It prevents anaemia

Anaemia is a medical condition where the body doesn’t have enough blood cells to transport oxygen to the body. Waterleaf is a medicinal vegetable that boosts and elongates the life of blood cells to be used effectively for the body.

6. It protects brain tissues

Research has shown that waterleaf contains nutrients that enhance brain activities. It protects the brain tissue for proper functioning.

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7. It promotes proper eyesight

Waterleaf contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vitamins help to enhance proper vision and improve eye health. It prevents the retina from being affected or damaged. This means the adequate consumption of waterleaf as a vegetable or a juice results in healthy eyes.

You can make this for your aged parents to help sharpen their vision.

Waterleaf should be taken with high importance because it has a lot of benefits and medicinal value to the body.

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