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Gov Obaseki’s aide advises men as she hails Buhari for looking good in sports and native wears

Gov Obaseki’s aide advises men as she hails Buhari for looking good in sports and native wears

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, has advised young men against developing protruding stomach because it’s not a sign of wealth as popularly believed.

She stated this while reacting to recent pictures of President Buhari donning sport and native wears. According to Sarah, who used the president as the standard for all men, Buhari looked lovely in the outfits.

Gov Obaseki's aide advises

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“See how PMB is looking on Sports wear and native outfits….that’s how a man is supposed to look. Dear young brothers, In all you do, avoid protruding stomach, it’s not a sign of wealth”

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See pictures of the President,

A while ago, Sarah reacted to a tweet put out by Solomon Buchi about broke women.

Buchi had taken to Twitter to advise men against dating broke women because they will not help them grow but drain them.

“Men, stop dating broke women. They won’t help you grow. They’ll drain you. They need money for everything, even for oxygen. They hate work, but they love soft life. Check their IG, you’ll think they’re millionaires. Avoid dating broke women, but give them jobs if you can, but they hate working though. So it’s a lose-lose case.” He tweeted.

Reacting to his claim that broke women hate working, Sarah took to Facebook to counter his statement.

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She stated that it’s not all broke women that hates working and Buchi is ‘mischievous’ for generalizing.

Sher wrote,

“Women are going through alot. It’s not every woman that is financially down or broke that hate to work as suggested in this write up. This statement has no boundaries,and it suggests that the writer is just being mischievous,” he wrote.

“A broke woman today may not be a broke woman tommorow. There are prospects, values, principles amongst others you should be on the watch out for and not just mere finance. Who nor get today go get tommorow.

“Cheers to all the hardworking woman out there striving so hard to make things work, May you succeed.”


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