Former Muslim Sheikh Poisoned By His Wife After Converting To Christianity |
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Former Muslim Sheikh Poisoned By His Wife After Converting To Christianity

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Last Saturday, a former sheikh (Islamic teacher) from eastern Uganda was poisoned shortly after his wife learned that he had converted to Christ.

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From his hospital bed in Nawanjofu village in Butaleja district, Hiire Sadiki, 56, said he had put his faith in Christ on March 27, after months of talks with a Christian pastor.

After refusing to observe the Islamic rituals of Ramadan, his wife realized that he was praying in the name of Christ. ” She realized that I have converted to Christianity, ” Sadiki said, reports Morning Star News.

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His wife had studied the Koran at the Islamic Institute in Bugembe and knew the verses on the punishment for apostasy. So she left the room and started calling the Muslim leaders on the phone.

Then she came back and started preparing dinner. ” After 30 minutes, a lady who is a neighbor of hers came and she went to the kitchen, and after a while, she left, ” Sadiki noted.

Sadiki’ s pastor said he suffered from convulsions and vomited after eating. He then called him on the phone, and the pastor went to his house and took him to a hospital. ” When we got to the hospital, his condition worsened, ” the pastor said.

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Finally, he added: ” I have given a warning to the nurses and doctors not to allow anyone to see the patient without their consent, because I felt that they could come and do more harm, ” he concluded.

Sadiki’ s and his wife had 3 kids, who are 16, 10, and 6 years old. Morning Star News has documented numerous instances of Christian persecution in Uganda, Sadiki’ s poison attack from his wife is the most recent incident.

According to Uganda’ s constitution and other laws, religious freedom is guaranteed, including the right to propagate one’ s own religion and convert from one religion to another. Uganda’ s Muslim population is less than 12% of the total population, with the majority of Muslims concentrated in the country’ s eastern regions.

Open Doors christian watchdog has also raised an alarm that Christians in Muslim world are often persecuted during the Ramadan. Let’ s continue to pray for all persecuted Christian all over the world.

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