Femi Adebayo gives his wife N2.5 million, See fans reaction

The 43-year-old actor scheduled a visit from a gift provider to bring Omotayo Maimunat Sanusi special gifts at their home.

He documented this in a video that he uploaded to Instagram.

A lovely celebration of the wife was held by close friends and relatives.

Along with other gifts, the father of four also gave her a check for N2.5 million.

Boldly written on the cheque is: “ JUST BECAUSE YOUR ARE AMAZING AND KIND”

mariam_cute_mariam tweeted: “All was I see here is pure love from the husband to the wife, pure love from children and family and friends so sweet to wacth see me smiling all thru Happy birthday once again.” ts_bbytee said: “So beautiful to watch .”

biskanefabricstyle said: “Congratulations darling you will live long to eat the fruits of your labour in Jesus Holy name Amen. Happy birthday.”

omolarapiccolo said: “May God replenish your pocket bro…thanks for Celebrating her.”

omidan_olayinka wrote: “This is so beautiful…… Happy birthday to you mama.”…….Continue Reading


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