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Famous Pastor Finally Shares The Deep Secret Behind Osinachi’s Death

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Dr. Paul Enenche, Founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has broken his silence over the death of church member and gospel artist Osinachi Nwanchukwu.

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In a video uploaded on his official Facebook page, Enenche says he has no way of knowing if domestic violence caused or corresponded with her symptoms two months ago.

He also claimed he would not have known if there was ongoing domestic violence. He said that what they were hearing was strange to him.

” We are in a season of reflection due to the loss of our beloved sister, Osinachi Nwanchukwu, a kingdom and generation asset. In light of so much disinformation and misinterpretation of events, I decided to clarify what I know. “

She came to visit me around two months ago with chest pain and respiratory difficulty. I prayed for her over and over. When the symptoms didn’ t go away, I suggested they go to the hospital so we could figure out what was wrong.

They asked whether I could assist in the process. For their predicament, I summoned our medical team leader Dr Osang, a consultant pediatrician at the Federal Medical Centre in Keffi. And he called colleagues at the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi.

Upon viewing her, requested investigations including a CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan). The Doctor felt the need for further studies at either the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital or the National Hospital Abuja.

” I called Dr Akor Alexander, a pulmonologist Respiratory Physician at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, and explained him the situation. That’ s where they went. “

After examining her and assessing the situation, they advised her to go to the National Hospital for histology and biopsy of the lung tissue. I called Dr Jubrin, the chief of pathology and consultant histopathologist at the National Hospital in Abuja, again to report the matter and ask him to assist us in our inquiry.

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I am naming and locating people because they are available, living, and verified. Then they kept managing. My histology was based on what I witnessed. The image was much softer than the earlier CT scan, so we were relieved. She prayed with me regularly.

” She made improvements. She told me one night that she no longer needed oxygen. They checked her oxygen perfusion and it was 100%, which made us very happy. That was before we traveled to Cameroon for the Crusade. I found out about her death on the second night in Cameroon. “

There was no way I could have known if there had been persistent domestic violence or if it had preceded or corresponded with her symptoms two and a half to three months ago.

Things we heard after her death were really bizarre to me. Then I began to probe.

Do you know your sister went through all of this? Yes, she knew some of them. That she heard most of them from confidants. Why didn’ t you tell us if you knew? And the twin sister said, please don’ t tell the church, don’ t tell the pastor, please just pray for us. That he’ ll change. And it went on.

It’ s real, I asked my first son yesterday. The son told further tales. And I responded why didn’ t you inform me because they always come to me after service to pray. Touch them. Why didn’ t you tell me about your family? They couldn’ t tell him because their father would often ask them after they left, ” What did you tell the pastor? ” Did you say anything? And so on.

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” Other choir members were aware of

the events. I asked one of them yesterday when we went to the deceased’ s residence. What happened, and why were we unaware? In the same narrative, she might always go down on her knees and ask them to kindly pray for God to change. “

Last but not least, the music producer came to meet me in the office two days ago to tell me about his personal experience of seeing the man hit his wife in his music studio.

I told him you saw a man hit a woman in front of you and you left him alone because you are a male. Before he could answer, the woman begged him not to do anything, he said. To ignore him. And to do nothing. And so on. So, these are the stories we learned after she died.

” Everyone who knows us understands that we have zero tolerance for any form of domestic abuse or wife beating. The concept, policy, and regulation that we have is that it is better to be alive without a marriage than to die because of marriage. We’ ve stated it before. I’ m sure some of us heard the messages. “

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Now this is common because anything goes wrong, the Church is the first point of call. People have queried why a wife abuser should be a member of the Church or how someone can be so harsh and be a member of the Church.

No one who knows the Scriptures should ask that. You know, the same Ark that contained nice animals also brought terrible beasts. You know Jesus had a large following in the Bible. And multitudes to me means people with varied attitudes, dispositions, habits, and behaviors.

” One of Jesus’ followers was a robber who sold him to death, Judas Iscariot. To be a thief and a murderer while following Jesus Christ is inexplicable. Everyone must answer that question. A personality named Lucifer lived in Heaven and became Satan the devil right beneath God’ s nose; a realm where there was no sin and never could have been. This dude created sin. “

How can an Archangel become a devil while still in Heaven? That’ s how anyone can be anything inside the Church. Even the best pastors, professors, and preachers can’ t convert someone who isn’ t willing to change. The Church is not the place to vent displeasure or anger.

If you have a lot of bitterness, irritation, and distraction in your life and don’ t know where to vent it, we can help you. I want you to know we and Jesus love you. All is well with you and your loved ones. In Jesus’ Name, we pray for the deceased’ s family’ s strength and comfort.

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