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This Family Couldn’t Pay Their Rent So They Moved Inside An Old School Bus

A man named Brian Sullivan his alleged wife named Starla together with their family of five decided to move inside an old school bus after he saw that they couldn’ t afford to pay their rent anymore. According to them, $1, 500 per month on the rent was too much for them.

It was in March 2014 that 29- year- old Brian and his significant Starla, 26, of Renton, Washington, became angry about spending so much money on rent. The rented house was more than an hour from Brian’ s working environment, and he needed to stay at work past 40 hours to make sure they could manage the cost of the rent.

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Furthermore, they needed to be property holders and invested a great deal of energy watching YouTube recordings of individuals fabricating their own minimalistic homes, or changing over a wide range of things into happy residing spaces. It was one of these recordings that persuaded them to go out on a limb, so in April 2014, they purchased a neglected school bus for $2, 800 and spent another $30, 000 transforming it into a permanent place to stay for their three children.

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” The loft was about an hour from Brian’ s work and the drive was dreadful, ” Starla says. ” He would stay at work longer than required attempting to pay the rent, then, at that point, he would sit in a vehicle for three hours and we could never see him, so we chose to roll out an improvement. We pay 33% of the expense now and we have the cash to pay off obligations and understudy loans! ”

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