Everyone That Rebelled Against Putin, One Out Of These 3 Three Things Would Happen To Them" Bish Johnson

Security analyst Bish Johnson has suggested that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s recent defiance of Vladimir Putin could potentially be linked to his tragic demise in a recent plane crash in Russia.

Speaking during an Arise TV interview in a video (4:02) today, Johnson posited that “Prigozhin’s rebellion may have played a role in his demise. It’s overly simplistic to believe that Putin has genuinely pardoned him, despite any public statements to the contrary. Those who have opposed Putin typically face one of three fates: they might succumb to poisoning, leading to their demise; they could be subjected to poisoning and upon their return to Russia, find themselves incarcerated; or they might meet their end in other ways.”

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He added, “Prigozhin’s belief that Putin would immediately absolve him after the international embarrassment he caused was indeed shortsighted. In a standard scenario, a comprehensive investigation should be conducted to ascertain the crash’s cause, use DNA to identify victims, and ideally recover some remains from the wreckage.”

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