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Ebonyi 2023: A True Ebonyian, Anyichuks With A PDP Ticket Can Restore The Glory Of Ebonyi State

Ebonyi 2023: A True Ebonyian, Anyichuks With A Pdp Ticket Can Restore The Glory Of Ebonyi State

By: Ken Okey Anozie

….PDP can convincingly win Ebonyi State with Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii…as he sets to campaign on records.

The striking thing in the coming 2023 Ebonyi race is that it’s a contest that has been decided before the proper elections. Ndi Ebonyi adi achi; (the good people of Ebonyi don’t joke about the next election), they understood the chop alone attitude of the Governor that betrayed their trust; Dave Umahi.

The APC as a political party has dealt Igbo a very bad bargain, so everybody in Ebonyi State is looking for an escape route. And the people have found one in Anyichuks! But the journey was not an easy one. It’s divine. It started when he began his philanthropic gestures over a decade ago; building houses for the indigents, widows and the poor, giving out scholarships, empowerments to the youth and renovating many schools, as well as building new ones. The care has been long, and today it is paying off, politically.

When few years ago Gov Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State defected to APC without any consultation with the good people of Ebonyi State, and especially the Stakeholders of PDP, it looks like PDP was to be extinct in the State. The Governor betrayed the people of Ebonyi State because of his selfishness and parochial interests. He abandoned with total disregard the vehicle that brought him to Power, that made him what he has become; the PDP. Very treacherous act against God, ndi Ebonyi and humanity.

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But one young man, with others the party, PDP, with tenacity and worked with the Elders and Stakeholders to maintain the structure of the party. This young man is Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, (Anyichuks), who mobilized PDP in this primary and won convincingly. Many are still shocked that some, even few PDP leaders in the state are championing the fall of the party in Ebonyi State because one man lost out in a very transparent primary contest of PDP in Ebonyi State, and another who represents the new hope of the people won.

The joy the good people of Ebonyi State and PDP faithfuls expressed when Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii won the primary is unimaginable..; they danced, they smiled, they rejoiced uncontrollably, knowing that finally a Daniel has come to judgement! That the man who will restore the glory of PDP in Ebonyi State has been nominated here to fly the flag of PDP.

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And the team sent to Ebonyi state from Wadata Plaza to conduct the primaries headed by Rotimi Olalikan transparently conducted the primary and handed over the party flag to the winner of the primary, the 45 year old Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, (Anyichuks). It is intriguing that a youth emerged as the candidate of the party, whom everybody in Ebonyi State believe will convincingly win the election come next year. Any machinations of anybody in Ebonyi, or even from the stable of PDP wanting or plotting to thwart the will of Ndi Ebonyi will be resisted by the youth of Ebonyi. In Anyichuks they see a new hope that will salvage them from the betrayal of Gov Dave Umahi.

Not long ago, Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, Anyichuks opened his sprawling campaign house in Abakaliki, stamping finally that the journey into Ebonyi State Governor’s office has begun. Thousands turned up to celebrate the person believe will be the next Governor of Ebonyi State.

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It’s imperative to advice those who feel threatened by the emergence of Dr Odii that they have nothing to worry about. The young politician is a team player, and respects all the PDP stakeholders in Ebonyi State with due reverence and respect. That is how leaders are known; humility, steadfastness and hard work. Dr Onyii combines them in great dose, and no doubt the good people of Ebonyi State will ever rejoice in his administration, because he will bring a lot of goodwill and resourcefulness plus candour to deliver the Dividends of Democracy to the hardworking people of Ebonyi State.

Now is the time for PDP leaders, stakeholders, faithful and the teeming supporters to rally round Anyichuks and trek, drive, run, jump or even fly into the Government House in Abakaliki.


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