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“I Eat Human Eyes, P*nis, Esophagus…” – Man Narrates How He Lures His Victims

A man identified as Aminu Baba has been arrested and paraded by the police after he confessed to eating human organs and selling same.

Aminu who is also a car dealer at Aminchi Motors Gusau, Zamfara state was arrested last week over the killing and dismemberment of a 9-year-old boy in Gusau.

Aminu Baba disclosed that he has three wives and 19 children.

Speaking on how he lures his victim, he further revealed that he employed two teenagers to scout for young boys to kill for him and they had done that twice, getting N1million in return.

They remove the p*nis, eyes, intestines, and esophagus and he eats them or sells them to persons who need them.

He said;

“I paid them N500,000 for each of the killings of the two young boys. We removed p*nis, eyes, intestines, and esophagus and I used to eat these human organs and sell some to those who need them.”

The state police commissioner, Mr. Ayuba N Elkanah, speaking on how they were arrested said, the 9-year-old boy identified as Ahmad Yakubu Aliyu was found dumped in an uncompleted building in Barakallahu area of Gusau metropolis.

Ahmad went missing shortly after he came back from Islamiyya School in Gadar Baga area of the city.  The owner of the building spotted the decomposing body of the little boy when came to continue his construction work.

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He immediately closed the site and reported the matter to the police who later confirmed that Ahmad was killed and dumped.

Several investigations led them to arrest one of the suspects, Abdulshakur Mohammad, who then confessed that that was the third time he was contracted by Aminu Baba to source for human parts.

He said he got N500,000, after the first and second operations before he was arrested. He reportedly connived with Baba and Ahmad Tukur to deceive the victim, who was taken to an uncompleted building.

After killing their victim, they removed his intestine, esophagus, private part, and two eyes, which they took to Aminu who in return gave them N500,000 as agreed.

The car dealer however refused to disclose where he got the money he paid the killers. He also did not disclose whether he had collaborators in the state.

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Get a plier and pull out his nails one after the other. He will confess.

Don’t ever envy anyone, their source wealth may be stinking, is better you die poor. Karma is a b*tch and no evil no matter how long concealed will ever go unpunished. God will always expose them all

The world has already come to an end. Whatever you see now is left over. Wow

Hausa ritualist… E don tey wey them dey kill children

Cannibals get addicted to human meat because of the taste. Once a person starts eating human meat, it’s very hard to stop.

May you rot in the prison.

This one has no remorse or feeling, they should shoot him dead to avoid being released by his co-conspirators

Animal in human skin

How does he confess to being a cannibal, paying people to scout for victims, and also selling human body parts to those who need it and then does not disclose who he sells the parts to?

“I Use Proceeds From Sale Of Human Parts To Drink Cold Beer”

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A murder suspect, Tajudeen Monsuru, 30, involved in Iwo ritual killings has confessed that proceeds from sales of human parts are used to drink beer during his leisure hours.

He said this while being paraded along with other suspected criminals at the State Police Command Headquarters in Osogbo, Osun State on Tuesday. He said he has killed two persons, including his girlfriend, Alani Mutiyat.

“We strangle our victims to death after gaining their trust. Most times, we sleep together at night and deep into the night strangle them before daybreak and cut their body into pieces for sales.

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After selling their parts to clerics who need it, I use the proceed to enjoy myself and drink beer sometimes. I had killed my girlfriend before and one other young man brought to my place by Akeem. I don’t feel anything while killing them,” he said.

Meanwhile one of his accomplice, Hamzat Akeem, 25, who confessed to luring his friend, Gafari, to Monsuru’s place, where he was strangled to death said he was given N5000 for the role, while Awayewasere Yusuf, 37, claimed he bought a human head for money-making at the rate of N20,000.

Also, Lukman Garuba, 31, said he bought human flesh from Monsuru for a money-making ritual at the cost of N2,000.

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