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Don’t Throw Ashes Away After Cooking… It’s Highly Medicinal

Don’t Throw Ashes Away After Cooking… It’s Highly Medicinal

Anyone who has ever lived in a Village before will agree with me that ashes has a lot of health benefits.

On a sad note, many people who are not privy to the benefits especially those living in urban areas throw ashes away after cooking.

In this contemporary world, the use of LPG has replaced the use of Coal pots and others.

I am very sure there people who still have coal pots in their homes.

In this article we will learn about the use of ashes and when and how to use them.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

Below are some of the benefits;

1. Treatment of Wounds:

The woods or charcoal ashes are medicinal.

Please don’t forget that most of the plants we burn for charcoal are highly medicinal.

If you have a wound and difficulty in healing; you can mix some ashes with hot water to clean the wound every day before you apply any cream on it.

2. Preserving Tomatoes with Ashes:

If you don’t have a fridge to store your vegetables and other perishable foods such as tomatoes, then ashes are the best option for preservation.

Get a big bowl and spread some ashes in it, then clean the tomatoes with a napkin before putting them in the bowl. You should make sure there is much spacing.

3. Preventing Soups from going bad:

Those without fridges can put a pinch of ashes in their soups especially groundnut soups.

Ashes and Charcoal are very good at preserving soups from spoiling. Even if the soup tastes or emits smell showing signs of spoilage; you can put small ashes or charcoal into the soup and boil it. You are good to go.

4. Preservation of Smoked Fish;

Spreading some ashes around smoked fish will prevent insects like ants and others from been infested.

Sometimes continuous heating of smoked fish is quite disturbing, hence trying the ashes to preserve your smoked fish will effective.

5. Ashes from charcoal can be used for preventing body odor; mixing ashes with lemon will be a nice option to treat armpit odor.

Before taking your bath please dip your sliced lemon on the ashes and apply it in your armpit.

Do this often for effective results; aside from this please shave frequently; to make the place clean

6. Using Ashes as a fertilizer for your backyard Garden; Ashes contain properties that are very good for enriching the soil. So we can uses ashes as fertilizers in our backyard gardens in our homes.

7. Ashes Prevent lice, Ticks, and other insects on animals at home; pets like dogs are likely to be suffering lice and other insects.

If you find yourself in search of a situation; bath your dog with water mixed with ashes or spread the ashes on its body.

Those in the poultry farm business or even rearing hens at home can spread ashes in their hen coop to prevent insects from infesting them.

You have any additional use of Ashes you can drop them here for us to learn together.

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