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Here are some dangerous side effects of over consuming watermelon

The good old “too much of anything is always bad” applies to watermelon in very dramatic fashion.

Watermelon needs no introduction. It is a widely loved fruit that is sought after for its juiciness and its ability to quench thirst due to it’s high water content of 92 %.

Experts are now saying that over consumption of watermelon can have some severe health problems. The good old “too much of anything is always bad” applies here, as it turns out. According to science overconsumption of any kind of fruit has severe side effects.

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Here are some of the side effects that can fatal if not taken care of at the right time:

Watermelons contain sorbitol is a sugar compound that triggers loose motion and gastric issues. Eating too much watermelon can give rise to severe digestive issues like diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, etc.

Watermelon is high in sugar and eating too much of it regularly can increase your blood sugar levels according to nutritionists. Watermelons are healthy fruits, but it also has a high glycaemic index (72), is why it has the properties of increasing blood sugar levels.

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As it turns out, alcohol is not the only thing that mess with your liver. Eating too much watermelon regularly can result in you developing liver inflammation. As a matter of fact, you drink a lot of alcohol regularly, stay away from regular watermelon. Watermelon contains high quantities of lycopene, a bright red carotenoid hydrocarbon found in red fruits and vegetables, and it may react negatively with alcohol, can cause severe liver inflammation.

Water intoxication or over-hydration is a condition when your body has an excess amount of water, which can lead to a severe loss of sodium content. Low blood sodium is common in older adults, especially those who are hospitalized or living in long-term care facilities. Signs and symptoms of hyponatremia can include altered personality, lethargy and confusion. Severe hyponatremia can cause seizures, coma and even death.

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Watermelon is a great source of potassium that is a vital nutrient playing numerous roles in keeping the body healthy. Eating watermelon helps your body to get lots of potassium, but too much potassium can lead to cardiovascular problems like irregular heartbeat, poor pulse rate, etc.

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