Court In Fined A Man N2.6 million For A Breach Of Promise To Marry His Fiancee |
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Court In Fined A Man N2.6 million For A Breach Of Promise To Marry His Fiancee

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According to reports, a magistrate court in Akko, Gombe State, has fined a man N2.6 million for a breach of promise to marry his fiancee. The court gave him two options: either to marry her or go to prison for eight years. The woman took him to court for deceiving her into a commitment for seven years of courtship, but he ended up marrying someone else without her knowledge.

This judgment is unusually bold, especially in a largely conservative society of Northern Nigeria, where our people are mostly indifferent to women’s rights. It’s unfair and callous to waste a woman’s time for eight years after getting her commitment to marry you. She faithfully stuck to the commitment and refused to marry any other man, but in the end, you broke her heart and married someone else without her knowledge.

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How would a man feel if someone else treated his daughter or sister with this callous insensitivity and disrespect? It is important to tell a woman the truth from the beginning instead of getting her into a commitment for seven years and then thrust a rapier a betrayal through her delicate heart. How can you disrespect and disgrace a woman who gave you her all, stayed faithfully committed to you, and then make her look stupid in the eyes of others?

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Unfortunately, we are in a world where the nicest, the sincerest, and most faithful people are always betrayed by those they most trusted. Marriage is not a joke; it’s not for players who think they have a license to break women’s hearts at will. Some men tell women to give up schooling by promising to establish a business for them to lure them into marriage, but once they are married, they abandon the commitment.

People who wilfully bring grief to others and ruin their lives should be made to pay a price for their wickedness. Betrayal can result in serious medical and mental health problems. I look forward to more bold judgments by courts to punish players who ruin women’s and men’s lives alike. Women who break men’s hearts should face the same punishment too.

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