Coup: ECOWAS has no moral right to dictate to Noger Republic about their internal affairs–Dayo Akintobi

In light of the recent overthrow of the democratic government by rebels, journalist Dayo Akintobi shared insights on the visit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to Niger Republic. Notably, the interaction between the mutineers and ECOWAS did not yield an agreement due to the Nigeriens’ stance that they do not seek war but are ready to defend themselves.

Akintobi conveyed his perspective during an interview with The Vanguard newspaper, stating, “Regarding the Niger situation, my viewpoint is this: They are a sovereign nation; their internal affairs are primarily their own concern.” However, considering our proximity as neighbors, diplomatic solutions should be pursued. Various options like fines and other measures can be explored if diplomacy proves ineffective.

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“However, I believe that unless a country has displayed open aggression towards us – meaning they haven’t threatened to attack Nigeria or any ECOWAS nation, nor amassed troops along our borders – we should refrain from a confrontational stance that might lead to war based solely on their internal issues. The incidents are internal problems that they’re dealing with. Thus, our focus should be on securing our borders and defense capabilities, so that if the turmoil in Niger threatens our territorial integrity, we’re equipped to protect ourselves.

“While I acknowledge the importance of ECOWAS as a union of sibling states, we must be cautious not to infringe upon the sovereignty of an independent nation. ECOWAS does not possess the moral authority to dictate how Niger manages its internal affairs. However, the organization should come together to ensure that the developments in Niger do not adversely affect any member state.”

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