Cleric counsels Nigerians on obedience to God |

Cleric counsels Nigerians on obedience to God

KHALIFA AbdulGafar Babalola of the Toriqat Satia Organisation has observed that although many people believe that there is God, they do not believe in Him because they find it difficult to obey His commandments.

Speaking during this year’s birthday celebration of the founder, Sheikh Rasheed Karamallah, at the headquarters of the organisation at the Omo-Owo area of Offa, Babalola said that everything is about God.

According to him, the first covenant is to believe in God and to complement that with prayer and the belief in His ways as spelt out by His prophets.

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The cleric pointed out that everyone must define and redefine themselves as they were created by God to fulfill certain purposes on earth.

He said: “There are aims and objectives for everything, just like why we were created. We must ask ourselves: what does God want to do with me? But today, we always think about worldly things, all of which will make us miss it in life and miss heaven.

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“We should always remember that death is imminent. Therefore, as we struggle to get all the goodies of life, we must also think about the things that will make us and our deeds acceptable to God.

“Always remember that one day, the end will come. There is time to come to the world and there is time to exit it. What happens in-between points to what will happen after death.”

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Speaking on the birthday of the founder of the organisation, otherwise known as Oju-Ona Satia Worldwide Ministry, Sheikh Karamallah, Babalola said that the celebration comes up every June 18, not only to remember him, but to come together, pray and rejoice, as it is a special day when prayers are answered.

He commended members of the organisation the world over, especially those who made it to this year’s celebration at the Headquarters, in Offa.

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