Christian Teacher Beaten And Set Ablaze For Praying In Jesus' Name In Uganda |
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Christian Teacher Beaten And Set Ablaze For Praying In Jesus’ Name In Uganda

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A Christian man identified as Yusufu Mwanje was dragged into a mosque by colleagues from the Islamic primary school where he worked after being taken from his home, Morning Star News reports.

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Mwanje’ s Conversion To Christianity

One day, a business who sells school equipment visited the school, Mwanje being a Muslim was moved to see the man pray to Jesus. He decided to become a Christian after that moment.

Mwanje wanted to keep his Christian faith a secret, so he stopped going to Friday prayers in the mosque because he was attending evening prayers at the church.

Some Muslim teachers became aware of his absence and brought it to the attention of the school management board.

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However, on the 1st of April, a school colleague overheard Mwanje praying in the name of Christ and recorded him before gathering other members of the school staff to listen in on him.

The knock on the door woke Mwanje up at 4: 45 a. m. as he finished his prayers and prepared to go to the mosque to pray, he explained. ” As I opened the door, I noticed that there were people standing outside my door. “

In response, they began yelling, ‘ Allah akbar [” God is greater” ]! Allahu akbar! (God is exalted) Allahu akbar! (God is exalted) This individual is a kafir [infidel], this individual is a kafir. . . They apprehended me and took me into the mosque, where they began beating me severely and accusing me of being the head of a Muslim school, despite the fact that I had converted to Christianity. ” He deserves the death penalty, ” some shouted. ” He is an outright liar. He deserves the death penalty. “

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Mwanje went on to say, ” I remembered [the supplier] telling me that in times of persecution, I should call on the name of Jesus. I remembered that. “

‘ Azab Azab, ‘ which means ‘ punishment’ in Arabic, was shouted by one of the attackers as I mentioned the name Jesus in hushed tones.

” Immediately, two Islamic teachers by the names of Ustaz Hamudan and Hashim Sajabbi arrived with two old jerry cans, which they lit on fire and proceeded to burn me alive with them. I couldn’ t take it any longer. ” I had a fainting spell, ” Mwanje admitted.

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The attackers were ordered not to kill Mwanje

by a teacher who intervened at that point.

In order to receive treatment, ” he instructed some to transport me to the school clinic, ” he explained. ” It was at that point that I realized Jesus had come to save me. “

Mwanje is currently undergoing medical treatment in a hospital.

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