Christian Leaders Faults US Over Move To Remove Nigeria From Religion Freedom Blacklist |
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Christian Leaders Faults US Over Move To Remove Nigeria From Religion Freedom Blacklist

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Religious leaders in Nigeria have been at loggerheads since the US move to remove Nigeria from its list of countries that have blacklisted religious freedom.

The United States on Wednesday released this year’ s list of countries it accuses of violating religious freedom, ahead of a visit by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Nigeria.

However, the US move does not seem to have pleased some religious leaders in Nigeria, as some Christians in Nigeria have pointed out.

Christians Leaders Shows Dissertations Over US Move To Delist Nigeria Among Religion Violators:

According to BBC HAUSA NEWS Christians in Nigeria said the United States has not been able to obtain accurate information before making this decision, as they revealed that there are still problems with religious freedom in the country.

Reverend Murtala Mati Dangora, vice- president of the Christian Association of Kano State (CAN) in Nigeria, said there were still restrictions and restrictions on religious freedom in some parts of the country, especially on the construction of places of worship.

He says if the United States lifts the sanctions, it is not surprising that they have been misinformed, as religious freedom is still being restricted and restricted.

In his part, Muhammad Nurul Khaleed, an Islamic cleric and member of the Interfaith Dialogue Committee, said that considering the federal level, there was little to no restrictions on religious groups.

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But he said that in the case of the government, there was no issue of harassment, although there were no complaints, but that was the case in the states.

According to Reverend Murtala, the government must give everyone the right to freedom of religion, if a Christian wants to build a church or take a job.

Muslim Applause US Over Move To Remove Nigeria From Countries With Religion Violations:

However, some Muslims have told the BBC that the move is praiseworthy, and that it is appropriate because, according to them, there is little or no harassment of a person because of his or her religious beliefs.

Mr Nurul Khaleed, in his remarks, said peace could not be achieved unless religions, leaders and clerics were respected and joined forces to discuss any issue.

He emphasizes that this will provide solutions and stability for the development of the society.

What The Government Says:

The Nigerian government has said the issue of naming the country first in the US blacklist was a blow to separatists in the fight against Boko Haram.

highlighting that the problems of the Boko Haram crisis had been used to put Nigeria on the list, adding that militant attacks were only aimed at Christians.

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The government, through its spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu, said it was common knowledge that the attacks by Boko Haram militants did not target Muslims or Christians.

The government has never looked into the matter without taking action, according to Malam Garba Shehu.

However, two Nigerian religious scholars agree that the country still has a long way to go in terms of religious freedom, especially at the state level.

The two scholars believe that promoting religious freedom without interference or restriction will promote and promote peace and stability as well as mutual understanding between people of different faiths and sustainable development.

What Are Nigerian Are Saying:

Nigerians have taken to social media to expresss their feelings over the United States move to delist Nigeria from religion violators, TNews Taraba compiled the following reactions:

@Doris Ngozi Enemuew said, ” It is not too late to return Nigeria to the list. It was an error of judgement on the part of whoever decided to remove Nigeria from the list. President Buhari and his APC led government is the worst Nigeria has ever had. Buhari’ s nonchalant attitude towards the citizens of Nigeria especially the South and in particular the South East is not acceptable. Buhari is wandering round the world as if nothing important is happening in the country, Nigerians are suffering, daily killings and almost daily kidnappings. Buhari is two faced, he is not what he is portraying to the western world. He has contributed to terrorism and banditry in the country due to his and unwillingness to control those criminals he recruited to destabilise Jonathan’ s government. ”

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@Anthony Eruoghene Ajahwobu said ” The us has always gang up against the venerable people in Africa, if not, have Biden not red or had about the plight of the christian minorities and how they risk their lives to survive in Nigeria?

@Ed King said, ” All I know is that US government has innocent blood on their hands for supporting mad buhari’ s bloody regime.

What more do you expect from the US government that doesn’ t value the lives of African- Americans?

The US ranks among the world’ s top violators of human rights, at home and abroad. ”

@Chukwudi Nwanachi said ” America and their dirty politics. . .

They intentionally removed Nigeria and sent their secretary of states to force buhari to sign an agreements with them. . . And if buhari don’ t sign this agreement as soon as he goes back to the USA they will add Nigeria back to the list.

its a shame people still believes the Hollywood tales of America saving the world. “

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