Chelsea’s £20m Signing Clears The Air On His Nationality |

Chelsea’s £20m Signing Clears The Air On His Nationality

Chelsea officially announced the signing of Carney Chukwuemeka two days ago as part of the process of beefing up their squad for the challenge of the new season.

Chukwuemeka was signed from Aston Villa for a fee of £20m with one year left to go on his deal at Villa Park. The 18 year old is a product of the Aston Villa youth team progressing through till ranks before making his first team breakthrough last season.

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He played 12 matches last season and did enough to convince Chelsea that he is worth that high amount with the club seeing him as a part of their long term future under their new project.

An English youth international, his name already suggest he has Nigerian roots and he didn’t shy away from acknowledging it when he was asked about his origin in a podcast from last season.

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“Of course I’m Nigerian. My name says it all and I have strong ties with the country due to my parents. I watched their teams play when I am opportuned. I am familiar with most of the players in the team as well”, he said.

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