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Checkout The Only Verse In The Bible That Many Christians Are Scared Of Reading

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It’ s one thing to read the Bible; it’ s quite another to understand it. You may read the Bible yet still find it difficult to comprehend. Many people read it in the same manner literary experts read their novels or narrative books. As a result, reading the Bible, praying for the Holy Spirit’ s guidance, and making the greatest decision possible as a Christian are all essential.

The verse in the book of Revelation that has always been difficult to understand is found there. For starters, some pastors avoid the book of Revelation because it is thought to be hazardous. Because of the numerous risks it held from the first chapter to the last, many people had avoided reading it. Let’ s look at this passage as an example, and we’ ll look at it later:

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Revelation 20: 15 states, ” If anyone was not found written in the book of life, he was cast into the lake of fire. ” According to verse 16, this is the second death. As a result, there is a book with the names of pure and honest Christians. A Christian’ s name gets deleted from the book of life and inserted in the book of names when he or she rejects faith.

If a Christian’ s name is entered into the book of life, it is the worst thing that can happen to him or her. The majority of Christians are involved in ministry activities on a daily basis.

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Going door to door, proclaiming the gospel to everyone who would listen. However, many Christians are dying as a result of hidden sins, and it is likely that they will miss out on heaven. Unless you are reborn, you will not be able to see paradise.

Despite the efforts of pastors and gospel ministers to dismiss this scripture, the reality remains. Those whose names are not written in the book of life will share a portion of the Antichrist’ s misery. The Bible describes the region as being filled with fire and sulphur.

There is no end to the suffering in that place. To put it another way, even if 1000 years have passed, eternity has yet to begin. But, since we have the chance to see paradise, why should we make arrangements to fly there? There is a grace period, or window of opportunity, to prepare for the Messiah’ s entrance. Only those who are holy will be able to enter Jesus Christ’ s kingdom.

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Last but not least, real Christians would strive to be holy and at peace with all people. They will also abstain from sin. They will not steal, slander, murder, envy, pride, corruption, or commit any other acts of evil that may result in your name being recorded in the book of life. Otherwise, let us prepare for the coming of the Lord.

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