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Checkout Six Ways to Make Your Relationship Survive Tough Moments

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If you understand, from onset that there are tough moments in a relationship, you will be able to make it through such tough moments when they come. Relationships are not always smooth and enjoyable.

There are some times you will encounter many ups and downs in your relationship. Only those who are prepared for it, and those who are willing to be patient enough will survive it.

Some people believe that true love is expressed or made evident during hard times, but I want to tell you that true love is expressed every now and then irrespective of the condition of the moment.

The truth is, a relationship that survived tough moments may be successful. If you are scared of losing your relationship during tough moments, below are ways to make it survive every tough moment.

1. Be expectant of tough moments while you pray against its occurrence.

One thing is to pray against the occurrence of hard and tough moments in you relationship, another thing is to get ready in case they occur.

Tough moments have wrecked many relationships. Majority of which are caused by insufficient fund or low finance for the maintenance of the relationship.

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Of course, prevention is better than control, but there are some tough moments you can only control, but can’t prevent. The best way to make your relationship survive tough moments is to expect them while you also pray against their occurrences.

A problem that is expected will be easily managed or controlled than the one that is not expected. Being expectant of the tough moments will prepare you for their occurrences. You will easily tackle them when they eventually come.

2. Be open and honest about your financial situation from onset.

Majority of breakups we see in our society today are as a result of financial problems. Some people would prefer to hide their financial situation from their lovers. It is not always advisable to hide your financial situation from you lover.

Once you are in a serious relationship, let your lover know your financial situation so that they can adjust or help you when things go wrong.

If you try to solve all the financial problems all by yourself without alerting your lover about what is going on, your relationship may suffer tough moments in no distant time.

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The best thing to do is to reveal your financial situation to your lover so that they can proffer solutions or help to prevent the occurrence of tough moments that may be caused by lack of money.

3. Be open about your relationship to only good friends, especially those you trust.

When you are in a tough moment in your relationship, you might see yourself running up and down in search of any available solution. If you are not careful, you may run into friends who may advise you to end the relationship. At the end of the day, you may regret ever leaving the relationship instead of working to restore it.

Talk to friends who understands you, especially those that are closer to you and your lover, more especially, those you trust with your life. If you don’t trust anyone, it is better not to talk about your relationship problems to people.

4. Remember the good old days.

You should always refer to the good old days when you were enjoying in your relationship. If you can always remember when your relationship was very much lively and enjoyable, you should work tirelessly to make your relationship survive every tough moment so as to be able to enjoy the best of it.

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5. Encourage each other.

Encouragement keeps lovers together. Your lover will feel energized and will be willing to do anything to make the relationship survive the hard moments if you can serve as his or her encourager.

6. Support each other.

If your lover has your support and backup, he or she will feel happy working tirelessly to drive the relationship out of the hard times.

It is not the duty of your lover to take care of your relationship alone, it is also your duty. Your relationship will survive every tough moment and even become more strong if there is common understanding and common goals between you and your lover.

Don’t forget that leaving a your relationship during tough moment is not the best solution. Stay with your lover an work things out until your relationship becomes enjoyable again.

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