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Checkout These 7 Reasons Why You Should Postpone Your Marriage

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Marriage is the most important decision most individuals make in their lives. A list of warning indicators follows. If any of these issues are currently present in your relationship, it is preferable to postpone marriage until the problem is rectified. These issues will not be solved by marriage alone. In fact, following marriage, these issues nearly usually worsen.

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Checkout these 7 reasons why you shouldn’t marry:
1. Getting married in order to get out of the house.

Simply put, you’re exchanging one set of difficulties for another. There are other ways to get away from a tumultuous family. A counselor can assist you in locating them.
2. No one better will approach me and ask me to marry him or her.

This way of thinking implies that you have low self-esteem. People who believe this way aren’t confident enough in themselves to hold their own in marriage, and when they do, they’re often miserable. It’s an excellent idea to postpone or cancel your wedding. Counseling can also be beneficial.
3. It’s finally time to tie the knot.

Actually, the proper time and the right person are both required.
4.Being hit, slapped, threatened or intimidated by your partner, verbally abused, or forced to do things you don’t want to do. It is unethical to be treated in this manner, and you should not put up with it.

This isn’t how most engaged or married couples interact with one another. Marriage is founded on mutual respect rather than fear and coercion. Don’t be tricked by your partner’s assurances that he or she will quit.
5. You or your partner are drug and/or alcohol dependent.

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of addiction:

*One of you may use drugs or drink to cope with troubles or concerns.

*You’re continually thinking about getting drugs or drinking alcohol.

*Without drugs or booze, you can’t have fun or relax.

*With crucial relationships, you get thoughtless.

*You either drink by yourself or in secrecy.

*A person who is dependent on alcohol is not free.

Their passion is for the bottle or drugs, not for you!
6. You and your partner have major issues that you avoid discussing for fear of upsetting your relationship.

Children, money management, house and kid responsibility distribution, whether to keep both occupations, religious identification of children in an interfaith marriage are just a few examples.

Before getting married, you should discuss all critical matters freely. The wedding ceremony will not resolve your concerns or mitigate the consequences of your conflicts. If these situations appear to be too dangerous to tackle alone, seek the advice of a priest, pastor, or counselor.
7. Marriage appears to be the natural next step.

This can happen to couples who live together. They marry because it is the next logical step, not because they have fully investigated the idea of a lifelong commitment and actively select it for themselves.

Or they rush into marriage to save a stumbling relationship, believing that getting their families’ or church’s blessing will save it. If this sounds like your relationship, take a step back and consider what marriage entails. Are you eager, ready, and able to take on its responsibilities?

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