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Causes of Pastor Odukoya death finally revealed

Causes of Pastor Odukoya death revealed

A source close to the family said, “He really didn’t get over the losses he suffered. He tried to be strong but there is a limit to what a man can take.”
Odukoya, fondly called Pastor Taiwo, lost his wife, Bimbo, in the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005. He remarried and then lost his second wife, Nomthi, to cancer in 2021. In that same year, he lost his twin sister, Kehinde, at the age of 65.

Another source close to the church said, “If Pastor Bimbo’s death was shattering, Pastor Nomthi’s demise was a technical knockout. It knocked Pastor (Odukoya) down and out. He was inconsolable. He was very bothered about what people would say………………………….CONTINUE READING

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“It left him totally lifeless. There was nothing we could tell him. It took something deep out of him and some of us became afraid for him.”
When The Nation visited the church yesterday for the reactions of its members, most of the respondents said the pastor might have died of loneliness.

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