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Caterer Busted For Ste@ling Over 30 packs of Costly Drinks At A Party

Caterer Busted For Ste@ling Over 30 packs of Costly Drinks At A Party

Unknown caterer who was allegedly caught stealing drink packs from a function has been detained.

According to reports, the caterer conspired with two other people—who are currently at large—to steal over 30 drink packages from the celebration……..Continue Reading

Businessman Busayo Otebata said: “This gentleman and his friends arrived to serve people at the celebration, but they ended up stealing drinks from a garbage can. His two friends successfully departed in their bus with their own package, but this one was captured as the scapegoat.

Imagine if the security guards were pleading with him to buy them drinks even though they were told the event was over. The security guard claimed he was only curious as to why caterers were hauling trash cans outside given that the cost of maintaining the event space is already included in the rental fee for the space. When they realized what they were trying to accomplish, they grew very suspicious, which is how he was discovered.

Only God knows where they stored their food, which they also stole. The man claimed that they went with up to 30 packs because two of his friends had already made it out rich.

If he doesn’t provide his friends naa station straight. Na rich person do party so they didn’t even know drinks was not enough at some point. They bought excess drinks for everyone bruhh.”

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