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Did Bob Marley Die A Natural Cause Or It’s Poison As Some Allege? Here Are Hidden Facts You Need To Know About His Early Death

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Bob Marley died in 1981, aged only 36. He left behind a heritage that lives on right up ‘ til today, music that actually rouses and elevates us. In any case, what has been going on with the reggae symbol somewhat recently of his life?

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Bob Marley died at the Cedars Of Lebanon Hospital in Miami on May 11, 1981.

His last words to his child Ziggy were ” Money can’ t buy life. ”

Marley kicked the bucket from an acral lentiginous melanoma, which is a type of skin disease. He had been diagnosed in 1977, and it had spread from under a nail of his toe.

He originally found the melanoma while playing football in 1977. A foot injury appeared to be more terrible than expected, and deteriorated over the long run. After specialists found it was disease, he was encouraged to have his toe removed.

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Be that as it may, he rejected as his Rastafarian life thinks of it as a wrongdoing to have any piece of the body ‘ sanctuary’ eliminated. All things being equal, he consented to a skin join, yet unfortunately this didn’ t stop the illness spreading all through his body by 1980.

Marley imploded and collapsed while running in Central Park during his last visit, and he played his last gig in Pittsburgh in September 1980. He then dropped all excess live dates and traveled to Germany for an eating routine based treatment under Josef Issels. In any case, following eight months of ineffective treatment, Marley flew home to Jamaica. On the flight home, his condition declined and he was raced to hospital on appearance in Miami, and he kicked the bucket on May 11, 1981.

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Bounce Marley was given a state memorial service in Jamaica on May 21, 1981.

The commendation was conveyed by the Prime Minister Edward Seaga He was covered in a house of prayer close to his origination, close by his Gibson Les Paul guitar.

One well known hypothesis asserts that because of his famous political presence in Jamaica, Marley was killed by the CIA. It has been proposed that the CIA were behind his endeavored death at Hope Road in 1976, and that in the wake of neglecting to kill him, they endeavored various strategies to take his life.


The hypothesis charges that that Carl Colby, the child of late CIA chief William Colby, provided Marley with a couple of boots and, when Bob put them on, a radioactive copper wire inside pricked his toe, causing his malignant growth. There have likewise been stories that Issels was an ex- SS official working with the CIA to poison Marley.

Many Years After his death, His music just plays more than Music of today.

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