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Bird Turns Into This Old Woman After Falling From The Sky

Residents of Lagos’ Ajegunle neighborhood were shocked when a bird was alleged to have turned into an elderly woman who confessed to being a witch.

The nonagenarian, who spoke in Yoruba and had dark skin, said she was on her way back to Ibadan, Oyo State (as a bird) when she got off track.

She’ s also claimed to have told the horde that her mystical abilities let her down because it was dawn.

Witnesses informed Vanguard that three black birds were observed flying side by side near Old Ojo Road at 7 a. m.

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Then, out of nowhere, one of them landed on a moving Eko Electricity Distribution Company pick- up vehicle.

As soon as the bird landed on the van, it transformed into an old woman, ” said an eye witness who only wanted to be identified as Mr Okafor.

At first, everyone fled, but we eventually gathered around the woman, only to learn that she had a bruise on her forehead from the impact. ”

When we questioned what her purpose was, she explained that three of them were sent to Lagos from their coven in Ibadan, but that they got lost on the way back. ”

She stated they began hovering in the vicinity till daylight, and she dropped because she was fatigued, ” she said.

” She also told us that she didn’ t want to go on the voyage at first, and that because of her age, she used to limit her witchcraft operations to Ibadan. ”

” She was then escorted before the Baale of Ajeromi, where she admitted to using witchcraft to murder her husband. ”

According to reports, police officers from the Layeni Police Division were summoned to prevent the woman from being lynched, and they arrived and took her away.

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According to police sources, the woman will be released to any of her relatives who show up, as the law does not recognize witchcraft.

She has done no crime and, as a result, will be released to any member of her family who appears. ” We didn’ t detain her. ” All we did was avert a possible jungle justice, ” the police source stated.


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