BBNaija: Phyna Enjoys Nourishment from Her Man

BBNaija: Phyna Enjoys Nourishment from Her Man

BBNaija Season 7 pool party had some amazing scenes that got people talking for hours and mesmerised on their social media pages.

BBNaija Phyna literally placed her tongue on Groovy’s chest and was sucking his manly bre@st during the pool party that had the entire housemates going wild……Continue Reading

The chemistry between the BBN couple is growing at a rapid rate as they regularly show affection toward each other.

Housemate Groovy, on one hand, seemed like he was enjoying the moment and stood still without reacting while she repeatedly latched on to his n!pples.

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Even if no milk came out, it symbolised a form of sensation that felt pleasant to both parties, and they did it for a while before heading to the dance floor proper.

Even though other house mates were present during the pool party, this did not stop them from doing what they wanted, seeing that others also engaged in similar activities.

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