BBNaija: Doyin Bashes Phyna, Says She’s Causing Anxiety

BBNaija: Doyin Bashes Phyna, Says She’s Causing Anxiety

During the wager task presentation, Doyin and Phyna performed interesting roles. The wager task was established on comedy. It was divided into five scenes, with all being cultural satires.

Comedy has been defined by Aristotle as the “light treatment of otherwise base and ugly”. Scene two was an accentuation of this definition. It dealt with the commodification of sex and the fake lifestyle of self-acclaimed slay queens…….Continue Reading

The setting of this scene was a hairdressing salon that offered catering services. Phyna took the role of the hairdresser, Allyson her salesgirl, Chizy the stereotypical Nigerian guy trying to get down with a lady and Doyin the slay queen living the classy girl lifestyle.

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Doyin in her pretence ordered continental noodles and some other unusual flimsy meal. Phyna in perfect harmony with her role took to shouting and offering just local dishes. Doyin rebuked her saying, “stop shouting, you’re causing anxiety and making me sweat”.

Doyin finally revealed her whale-like appetite, ordering all of the local dishes available. Chizzy as a guyman let her despite his financial inadequacy. Phyna as a perpetrator of home wreckage allowed Chizzzy to buy on credit, so he can have his way with Doyin. it was a funny scene well executed.

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