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Bandits are animals – Matawalle says as he justifies death penalty

Bandits are animals – Matawalle says as he justifies death penalty

Governor Bello Matawalle from Zamfara has called bandits animals that kill people who are not a threat to them.

Matawalle, who justifies the death penalty for any person convicted of banditry or kidnapping, cattle-rustling, or state cultism, was interviewed on Journalists Hangout. He stated that the state government had tried many approaches to curb state banditry but they were not 100% successful…….Continue Reading

He stated:

“God knows I have adopted so many options for this crisis to leave the state, but unfortunately, there are good and bad people in any society.

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“We’ve tried all we can. I’ve adopted so many options in the state and most of the options have yielded a lot of results.

“I’ve done dialogue. I shut down the network. We cut the food supply and we saw successes, but it’s not 100 percent. The bandits fear the Yansakai vigilante group because they use a fabricated weapon. They put motorcycle plugs into it. Bandits fear that weapon; the weapon cuts the bandits into two.

“They see Yansakai as the most devilish people. I know why I gave that directive and I’ve succeeded with that directive I’ve given.”

On if the death penalty is working and why he told residents of the state to arm themselves, he said;

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“Death penalty will work. I have signed it. Anyone found guilty will face the law. The death penalty might not be popular, but those killing people, is it popular?

“Why I said everyone should get a weapon is because these bandits are like animals. How can you see someone farming, and then go and kill him?”

“If we say our people should not carry arms, who will go and confront the bandits if not the people? Those who are saying the directive is bad, why can’t they go and save our people?

“As a governor, I can’t fold my arms and see my people being killed every day. It’s not possible. It’s one of the primary responsibilities of the governor to protect the lives and property of his people.”

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