Arsene Wenger explains why he’s never returned to Arsenal since leaving in 2018

Arsene Wenger explains why he’s never returned to Arsenal since leaving in 2018

Arsenal great Arsene Wenger has addressed why he hasn’t returned to the Emirates to watch his beloved Gunners play since leaving the club.

The Frenchman stepped down as manager in 2018, capping an amazing 22-year reign that saw Arsenal win three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups. Given his devotion to the club, many expected him to return at least once or twice a season to watch Arsenal play………Continue Reading

Instead, despite the fact that the Gunners are now headed by a former player of his in Mikel Arteta, Wenger has stayed away from the stadium.

Many have attempted to explain his absence, but Wenger himself has finally spoken about his reluctance to return.

At the launch of former Arsenal chairman and Wenger’s close friend David Dein’s book, the Arsenal legend explained: “No, I haven’t been there, I think you know after 22 years maybe I arrived at the end of the road and people wanted a change, I can understand.

“I must say I always loyal to the club and turned many many clubs down because I felt like my life was linked with the club. The club has chosen a different direction, that I can understand completely and sometimes you need to change completely and have a new start.

“My presence there could have been a problem, so I stay away completely and give the club the chance to rebuild a new connection with the new manager and that’s why I never talked about Arsenal, never came back to Arsenal because I didn’t want to be a presence that is not maybe not good for the club.

“I spoke to him when we went to see the film (Arsene Wenger: Invincible). It was incredibly pleasant to see him and to chat to him,” the Spaniard explained.

“Hopefully we can bring him close [to the club] because I think he would have a great time just seeing the environment that he can create around him when he’s around this place, because of the respect, admiration and love that everybody at the club has for what he’s done and for what he represents as a person in this club.”

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