Arise TV Anchor Rufai Oseni Clashes With Police Officers Over BRT Lane |
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Arise TV Anchor Rufai Oseni Clashes With Police Officers Over BRT Lane


Rufai Oseni

Nigerian journalist and technology enthusiast, Rufai Oseni on Monday clashed with the police in Lagos using the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane.

Mr Oseni tweeted that he did not understand why his vehicle was stopped while three others who also took the BRT lane after him were not stopped.

“I offered to pay the traffic infraction but the police was hell bent of forcefully collecting my keys and pointing a gun at me. I saw three other cars drive by the BRT lane and they were not stopped. I am at sea! Why a gun at me and forcefully collect my key. I am shocked,
” he said.

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The Arise TV anchor claimed a policeman pointed a gun at him.

“A Nigerian police officer pointed a gun at me and forcefully took my keys and drove my car off, because he wanted to enforce a traffic infraction,
” he said.

Reacting to his comments, Lagos police spokesperson Benjamin Hundeyin tweeted, “Rufai, let’s not do this. You admitted to me that you passed a BRT lane. It’s against the law.

“Your claim that google maps took you there is not tenable. You disobeyed and resisted the officers. We’ll sanction the officer who misused firearm if proven.”

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Oseni later stated that the case had been resolved.

“I stated my side of the case to the police and we resolved amicably.I must state must be treated better and the police must approach things better. We citizens have rights and that’s all I demanded,
” he said.

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