APC Crisis Deepens As Prominent Leaders Discuss The PDP And Muslim-Muslim Tickets

APC Crisis Deepens As Prominent Leaders Discuss The PDP And Muslim-Muslim Tickets

Babachir Lawal, chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said he was in talks with leading opposition leaders over the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the ruling party.

Punch reported that former federal government minister and former Speaker of the House Yakubu Dogara may be leaving the APC due to the party’s plans to appoint Kashim Shettim as Bola Tinubu’s vice president despite sharing the same religion…….Continue Reading

Lawal and Yakubu Dogara continue to openly oppose the decision allowing the APC to nominate Shetima as their party’s presidential candidate in 2023. Both the former SGF and the former spokesman called the party’s actions the will of Nigerian Christians. But when Laval showed that they (he and Dogara) were open to other countries they were willing to accept, their discontent seemed to take a new turn.

The former SGF noted that they only threw the APC ticket and embodied justice for all. He said the decision to leave the ruling party had not yet been made, but Lawal said he had spoken to people from the People’s Democratic Party, the Labor Party and the New Nigerian People’s Party.

“What we are doing is for Nigeria. Of the 18 political parties in the country, we spoke with the Democratic Party, the Labor Party and the New People’s Party of Nigeria.” Only the APC rejected us, and the other 17 parties did not make a decision.

Ahmed Ashwaju Tinubu met with several Christian ministers on Thursday, September 22, under the auspices of the Northern Nigeria Pentecostal Bishops’ Forum.

He told the priest he could amass more wealth for the country than his rivals, according to Vanguard. According to him, his selection of a Muslim candidate transcends religion and other emotions and is based on a belief in service.

APC President Ki Su urged Nigerians to refrain from religious feelings, saying, “Let’s develop intellectual inclusiveness to better understand Nigeria.”

Archbishop John Price, chairman of the Northern Nigeria Pentecostal Bishops’ Forum, said in a comment that the group does not support anyone. But he told the members that, after listening to Tinuba, they should examine their conscience and decide whether they would better govern the country if elected.

“We are not committed to endorsing anybody, but you should ask your conscience and from what you have heard and from the explanations, he (Tinubu) has given to us, to make your own judgment of who will better rule and handle the country,” he said.

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