Any Woman Not Willing to Cook For Her Husband Should Stay Single – Leo DaSilva

Big Brother Naija star, Leo DaSilva has issued a warning to married women this new year.
He warned them that any of them that is not ready to cook for her husband should remain single.
He was reacting to a post by a woman who described what led her to begin cooking for her husband early in the morning.
The woman in question revealed that she was forced to start getting up at 4:50 a.m. to prepare meals for him because her husband’s female coworker had taken an extra spoon to work so he could join her, since he doesn’t take food to work.
But the woman received criticism on social media from other women who thought she was enslaving herself.
Leo, while reacting, criticized women who are just interested in getting things and are reluctant to perform acts of service for their men.
The former BBNaija star, who recently walk down the aisle, advised anyone who is unwilling to work hard for their spouse to stay unmarried.
He wrote;
“Some of you don’t want to do acts of service, don’t want to do anything for your partners. You just want someone that will love you without you putting any effort and without you having any responsibility because you think you’re a catch. Please stay single for life.”

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