Anambra Youths Pledge to Oversee Distribution of Federal Palliatives Amidst Concerns

According to Vangaurd report, The South East APC Young Progressives Forum in Anambra State has committed to closely monitor the distribution of federal government palliatives meant for the state. Their vigilance aims to ensure that the resources reach the intended beneficiaries in the face of a potential ECOWAS intervention. The group, led by National Coordinator Comrade Paschal Candle, emphasized its intention to uphold the credibility of the process, particularly in the creation of a social register for vulnerable citizens.

The focus is on preventing any exclusivity in the social register, where only individuals associated with the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) or state government are included. The APC youths expressed their determination to expose any irregularities encountered during the process, pledging to escalate such issues to appropriate authorities.

The federal government’s allocation of N5 billion for each state is intended for purchasing items agreed upon by the National Economic Council (NEC), including rice, maize, and fertilizer. The group called on Anambra State’s government to use these funds solely for food palliatives, addressing the immediate needs of the most vulnerable citizens.

Amidst mounting economic challenges exacerbated by the coup and international sanctions, the distribution of these palliatives assumes vital importance for Niger’s struggling economy. The group’s call for transparency and accountability reflects their concern for the welfare of the state’s populace.

As the situation in Anambra unfolds, the vigilance of the APC youths reflects a commitment to ensuring equitable distribution and addressing the pressing needs of the vulnerable population.

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