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An open letter to Bola Ahmed Tinubu

An open letter to Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Sir, with a total sense of the consciousness of the importance of the impending 2023 general elections for your excellency and our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), and having been at the forefront of the media and campaigning activities on behalf of our party, in 2015 and 2019, and comprehending the nuances and intricacies of things, I deem it necessary to render to you my perspective and perception of the media cum political landscape in the hope of improving the general disposition and strategy of your presidential campaign.

As a key stakeholder in the management of the Buhari administration’s media image and perception, and understanding the nexus between the achievements of the outgoing administration and marketability of your image and political brand, I believe the APC should and must put in place a coherent and well coordinated media mechanism that permits seamless flow of information and smooth interaction among its various media components at all levels, if we must dictate the perception……….Continue Reading

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The unified media approach must take three main factors into consideration. (1) The reviewed manifesto of the party, which includes the reforms pursued or advocated by the party, the management of the party and the deliverables. (2) The quality of the candidate, which includes virtue, character, competence and political trajectory. (3) The policy environment i.e the challenges met on ground by the APC when it ascended the domain of power in 2015. The APC has made some efforts to correct the inherent systemic anomalies while consolidating on the emanating gains from previous administrations, with such initiatives as the TSA, the School feeding programme among others. The APC between 2015 and today has recorded unprecedented achievements as a result of huge investments in infrastructure and human empowerment.

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A coordinated and unified media strategy means all official and unofficial spokespersons and media agents or operatives of the party and the campaign at all levels, from the national to the state down to the ward must sing a common tune.

Proposal: (i) That campaign organizations at all levels must marshal a vibrant and effective media team that synchronizes with the central coordinating national campaign media hub.

(ii) That there should be occasional and frequent seminars and brainstorming sessions to sensitize and energize our media and publicity officers at every rung of the campaign ladder.

(iii) Campaign messages must be strategically organized to deliver on their mandate and enliven the image and credibility of the party and candidate(s) for maximum effects at the poll.

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Objective: (i) To create an efficient and effective media machine at every level of the national campaign effort of the APC singing a common tune, i.e not the prevailing disjointed approach.

(ii) To nurture cadres of responsive media officials and operatives with understanding of the manifesto, vision of the party, and candidates as well as their political trajectory and the policy environment as expatiated above.

I sincerely believe that if the above listed points are duly considered and incorporated it will make positive impact on our eventual disposition and strategy going into the election proper.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Yours truly,

Tom Ohikere,


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