An Analysis Of Obi’s Chances Of Winning The Presidential Election By Aisha Yesufu

An Analysis Of Obi’s Chances Of Winning The Presidential Election By Aisha Yesufu

Peter Obi will sweep the southeast not because he is from there, because he is the most competent. Going by voting patterns since 1999 southeast never supporters their own candidate infact we always make fun of them on how ibos never support their own but this is the first time since 1999 the ibos have come out enmasse to support their own.

Aisha feels it has to do with the PDP betrayal. She said since 1999 the southeast is the only region that has given pdo everything 100% , no other region ever stood with the PDP 100% the easy the south east did and how did the PDP repay them when it was their turn? They treated them like they don’t matter……...Continue Reading



Peter Obi will sweep the southsouth like the southeast, they vote exactly like the southeast and follow the same patterns. Even though the PDP VP candidate Okowa is from the tegionhr is light weight .

North Central

Peter Obi will sweep the north central totally based on Christians who feel marginalized in the north central. The people are angry and feel that both the PDP and APC betrayed the south because the presidency was supposed to have been zoned to the south so a Christian can take over so people feel betrayed.

Aisha feels the Muslim ticket will work heavily against the APC and the more they try to use media to downplay it and make it sound irrelevant the more they alienate the Christian citizens because it downplays their emotional feelings of injustice. Peter Obi will benefit greatly from this error of a Muslim Muslim ticket by APC.

She said it is as if the path was miraculously being cleared for Peter Obi by his own rivals. She said if the PDP has feilded wike and it’s candidate Peter Obi won’t have won the southeast and southsouth.


Aisha feels Tinubu’s influence in the southwest is overrated and Peter Obi will split the vote or even pull and upset and out reach Tinubu in the southwest.


Peter Obi won’t do well there. Atiku would dominate here with the vote split with Shettima not because of Tinubu.


Obi won’t win here either but he will do far bette there than in the Northeast.

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