Aisha Yesufu Criticizes Peter Obi For Travelling To Egypt Instead Of Ekiti |
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Aisha Yesufu Criticizes Peter Obi For Travelling To Egypt Instead Of Ekiti

Aisha Yesufu

Read this thread and you will know that many Nigerians do not want to be citizens. They just want to be slaves with PRIVILEGES! They are looking emperor by all means!
I totally agree with @adeyanjudeji !
@PeterObi has more business being in Ekiti than Egypt!

@PeterObi winning the 2023 election is possible but it needs not just every hand on deck but also every single time from now till the date of election
Just being in Ekiti and meeting the people there and being in the campaign of another will accelerate the structural growth!

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This rubbish that some of you are carrying on that @PeterObi will not be questioned or anything pointed out about him is how dictators are made!

A leader makes mistakes. What is important is for that leader to listen to the people and correct those mistakes and be better!

Being in a new party is tricky and every opportunity that one needs to be able to bond with the party people is to be taken seriously!

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For those of you saying why should he be in Ekiti? I ask you why not?!
A leader is there for others, a leader fights for others, a leader listens to his people. A leader puts everything on the line for others and that way OTHERS put everything on the line for the leader

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