After 12 Years, My Husband Decided To Divorce Me, See His Reasons

After 12 Years, My Husband Decided To Divorce Me, See His Reasons

The marriage of Namitondo Mukwanu and his wife, who have been together for 12 years and have eight children between them, is having issues.

The father of eight claimed that after moving from the towns they had previously called home, he began to notice some odd behaviors in his wife. According to the man, for the past 1.5 years, she has been sleeping with their children in the living room, leaving him alone in the bedroom……..CONTINUE READING 

A 46-year-old man from Kabwe district in Zambia’s Central Province has promised to divorce his wife for spending one year and six months sleeping in the living room.

Man raises concerns

Namitondo Mukwanu explained that for the past 18 months, his wife has been spending her nights in the sitting room with their children instead of the master bedroom.

Zambia’s ABN reported the 46-year-old described the incidents as a punishment, which has warranted his decision to ban her from planning the monthly budget.

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He said from the time the family changed towns where they lived, he noticed strange behaviour in his wife, saying the punishment he was being subjected to was uncalled for.

“The house is hers, the bedroom is hers, Why is she sleeping in the living room with the children?” Mukwanu wondered.

Despite engaging the wife, she did not listen to him, and he continued to endure the punishment, which he said was against their cultural beliefs.

The 46-year-old has since vowed to divorce his wife and send him back to her family once he gets the money.

The couple has been married for 12 years and has eight children together.

Netizens share their opinion

Internet users shared their opinion on Mukwanu’s marriage, while others shared advice on how the couple should solve its problems.

Mukwae Shebz Mundia wrote:

“It’s really sad that it has come to this. They have produced 8 children in a space of twelve years. The wife was trying not to get pregnant again. The quality of life must be hard for them considering that the lady is not working. We will pray for them to look after their children. They both need counselling.”

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Prisca Matika suggested:

“So many unresolved issues in this marriage,has the wife been told to explain her behavior.”

Martha Nakanyika wrote:

“This ka man seems to be a problem, no woman comes to the point of running away from the bedroom when everything is ok, there’s is more to this, let them call for their elders to counsel them.”

Peggy Nakawala Sichone said:

”Its like the woman is going through alot can’t just disclose everything to the media she has respect, coz it looks there’s more to that not only chimbuma which almost hurt the baby No. And by the way what was the reason of bringing this issue pa media it doesn’t make sense I believe its their private life, is it everything to bring on social media sure or they needed help from well wishers so that they can fix the windows and roofing sheets for them to continue making love.”

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Mutinta Mooya advised:

“No marriage divorce here just call some elders to counsel them ,with 8children were will she go.”

Man to divorce wife for refusing to support his building project with her money

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had filed for a divorce from his wife for failing to support his building project despite having N18 million.

In a screenshot shared on Twitter by @Postsubman, it was indicated that the woman refused to support her husband because her name wasn’t included in the house document.

The woman decided to buy a house in her name but was duped of N18m. While there has been call for plea for the man to let his wife, he said he is over with the marriage.

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