Actress Kate Henshaw Calls Out Dr Femi Olayele For Reportedly Defiling His Wife’s 15-Yr-Old Niece (Video)

Actress Kate Henshaw Calls Out Dr Femi Olayele For Reportedly Defiling His Wife’s 15-Yr-Old Niece (Video)

Popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has called out a medical doctor, Femi Olayele for reportedly bedding his wife’s 15-year-old niece.

Kate Henshaw took to her Instagram page to reveal that Dr Femi Olayele, CEO of Optimal Healthcare Company, had confided to her when she visited him at his place, that things weren’t going smoothly at home, and that his wife had kicked him out.

Dr Femi went on to say that his wife had set him up; he says that his wife knew his weakness and had brought a young girl to their home, he fell and did ‘stuff’ to her…….Continue Reading

The doctor revealed that his wife kicked him out of the house and subsequently arrested him.

However, Kate Henshaw stated that at the time when he opened up to him about this, she had no idea that the girl he was referring to that he cheated with was a 15-year-old relative of the wife.

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He chided the doctor for his act, distancing herself from him.

Sharing the video, Kate Henshaw, who is a fitness enthusiast wrote; “I have always advocated ZERO TOLERANCE on gender based violence and child abuse.. My stance will never change as long as I live… @drfemi I have supported your work for many years.. I have been to your home and celebrated your birthday with you and your family.. Calling me a liar after admitting to my face what you did smacks of disrespect to my person..

You molested a minor… This may not even be your first time.. I am calling on all others whom you have assaulted to come forward and make sure that you pay for the crimes you have committed..

See reactions that follow the above video below;

iyaboojofespris: I still don’t understand why child rapist allowed to roam the street.

inidimaokojie: This is so sad. Thank you for taking a stand Aunty.

princesscomedian: @k8henshaw thanks for coming out to say the truth as usual. Some people commented rubbish on my post but I had to delete their nonsense talks. Nigerians will see white and label it black just to excuse evil behavior. We are our own enemies. His wife is scared to death because of all his threats. Despite all his confessions and evidence even from his OTHER victims Dr Femi called me yesterday to try & manipulate the situation by using your name. I told him *I will call Kate now, you know she HATES lies, stop the lies and submit yourself to the authorities. He is so unremorseful! The so called powerful people protecting him will all meet their doom because God cannot be mocked. Our children are not s3x toys, this madness needs to stop! #Saynotochilddefilement #Ourchildrenneedprotection

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funkekut: Well done sis . And you are right, this is probably not his first time and I hope this will encourage others to come forward. A Doctor!!!!! Predator!!! So shameful . Justice must be served ??.

kikiomeili: God bless you for this. For many years,I had my screening done at his foundation and referred so many people there,both by word of mouth and on social media.I even remember being at and meeting you at his 50th birthday party some years ago.To say I’m shocked is an understatement but we must never remain silent in the face of evil. God bless you big,sis.

uzoosimkpa: Dr Femi!?!?! Wow!!! Shock and disappointment!!! There’s nothing for me to verify here so long as it’s coming from you who I know, deeply trust and respect. The facts are there, some provided by him, not fully understanding the possible implications and also trivializing what he has done- the crime and admittance. Thank you for always sis, for all that you do and continue to do. I hope the full weight of repercussions be meted out to him and that the victim will be rehabilitated. Thank you for always taking your stance on the side of fairness and strongly too.

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