"A Woman Of God Called Me That They Are Planning Another Hit To Shoot Me Again" Angela Okorie Says

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has once again used her latest Instagram post to cry out to the public of an alleged new attack planned against her. She took to her Instagram page to share the post, where she disclosed that a woman of God called to tell her that some people were planning another hit to shoot her again.

She made it known that she knows that those people who are threatening her life are bad people, saying that she has never seen anybody come to her and say that she did them any evil to warrant what they have been doing to her. She insisted that it is only God who has kept her alive up until this moment, saying that she would have been dead by now.

In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, “A woman of God called me that they are planning another hit to shoot me again. I know these people are bad, they said there was a woman and a man. Till today, we never still see anybody come and rant at me that Angela did this to me. For real, God is the reason I am still alive, if not, I would have been dead by now.”

You may recall that the actress in her previous post had previously made it known that some of her friends betrayed her when they took pictures and videos of her while she was in a critical condition at the hospital.

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