A Married Woman Reveals What Her Husband Found In Her Bag After She Went To Church

A Married Woman Reveals What Her Husband Found In Her Bag After She Went To Church

Asantewaa, a married woman, tells her husband what he discovered in her luggage after she went to church. The woman described how she had met her husband, Kwadwo, at Konongo years earlier and that they had been dating for four years before getting hitched. She learned that her husband had been sleeping with her best friend, Ama, a few days after their wedding.

Asantewaa said the man used to have chat with her best friend and also visit her in the evening but she never suspect that the two of them will have an affair. The worst part is that Ama started revealing every secrets she shared with her to Kwadwo. It got to a ponit that she decided not chat with Ama again. Her husband too stop taking care of her or even has a conversation with her.….CONTINUE READING

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Asantewaa noted that the man used to stay at his workplace for a few days before leaving for home. Kwadwo informed her over the phone one day that he had sold their home to pay for an escalator and promised to never give her a penny of the proceeds. She also became outraged and abused him for what he had done. Kwadwo then informed her that due to the way she had cursed him, he doesn’t want to be with her again.

Few days later, one of their neigbours disclosed to her that the man has not sell theit house but he is staying in that house all this while. Asantewaa said she went to the house with the children but the man locked the room and left the house without uttering a word to her. She slept outside with their two kids till the following day.

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Kwadwo then allowed her stay in the house with him but he found a bottle her pastor gave to her for a direction in her bag after she went to church. The woman claims that her husband got upset and beats her for trying to sabotage him. After this incident, he called her family members and informed them that he wants to divorce her due to what he found in her bag. Asantewaa said she loves her husband so she is pleading with him not to divorce her.

According to the man they were staying peaceful but it got to a point that they used to fight on any little issue . He was surprised when he found that bottle which contains an unknown substance in his wife’s bag. Kwadwo said he is afraid that his wife can sabotage him so he has made a decision to divorce her to prevent any further problems. Kwadwo added he will compensate his wife with any amount of money she wants in order to make peace.

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